is a technology demonstration site created by RGood Software, Inc. using Microsoft .NET

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About this Site
I've been publishing my photos on the web for many years now. Prior to this site, I had published photos using a variety of methods. And the site ended up with a mixture of styles.
I wanted to start a new site that made it easier for me to publish, easier to have a more uniform look, but allowed for flexibility, and allowed me to have some security in terms of who gets to see what photos.
Why .NET?
Over the past 5 years, I've worked on a number of projects that have used code of one sort or another to produce and manage the delivery of web content. In the last year, I delivered a major project to a client using Microsoft .NET and was favorably impressed with the features of the tool set and my ability to be highly productive with it.
In part, this site has allowed me to capitalize on what I've learned and apply it in a way that I can make publicly visible -- something I can't always do with client projects. This site also allows me a forum for experimentation.
Enough for now. I hope you enjoy the photos that I've published here.
Robert (Bob) Goodearl
President, RGood Software, Inc.